Auto Fall Detection

Automated detection and verified notification for real-life falls

Ruxum’s Always-on Auto fall detection feature detects if a senior citizen has had a soft or hard fall. It also triggers an emergency alert even if the user has become unconscious as a result of the fall!

What happens if a senior citizen falls on their head and is knocked unconscious? How will they call for help? An emergency device therefore needs to automatically detect the falls of seniors.

Fall detection in Ruxum is running all the time. Using an AI-trained algorithm, Ruxum looks for real-life falls, which are a combination of hard and soft falls. Hard falls usually occur when a person slips and falls from a height greater than 5 feet and has a hard impact. A soft fall is typically a fall from a short height greater than 3 feet or in a small area while trying to hold on to anything, still with a noticeable impact. Most falls are detectable, but some movements are not classified as falls especially if there is no difference between the “fall” and the person sitting down on a chair or lying down on a bed. 

When a fall is detected, Ruxum buzzes for 20 seconds. In this period, if the user feels they are OK, they can cancel the panic alert by pressing the button once. This helps prevent false alarms. If a user does nothing, Ruxum assumes that the senior citizen has truly fallen and sends out the panic alert. 

Generally, when the device misses detecting a “fall”, it is because the movement was slow or the user ended up on a soft surface such as a sofa cushion. Based on our experience with 1000s of falls, we conclude that the movement itself is not sufficient to injure the user. So, in that case, we expect the user to be able to press the panic button and raise an alarm if really required.

Ruxum’s fall detection algorithm was tested thoroughly using human test subjects of various sizes simulating falls, plunges, nosedives, slips, tumbles, breakdowns, all in the safety of a karate dojo. 

never alone

With Ruxum’s Fall detection always ON, you are never alone

What makes Ruxum’s Auto Fall Detection Different?

Some wrist-based devices claim fall detection. However, practically they may not even detect a fall as it is moving all the time along with the hands. Also during a fall, if there is no major impact for the hands, then the device on the hand will not even detect the fall. Ruxum instead is typically worn around the torso and can easily detect both soft and hard falls.

  • Attached to torso
  • Detects body fall, soft as well as hard
  • False alarms – can be quickly validated by user
  • Duly detects only true falls
  • Attached to wrist
  • Detects a wrist fall
  • Automated, no intervention or validation, so can lead to false alarms
  • Can be triggered by swinging or slamming the hand on a tabletop

Key Features of Auto Fall Detection



Always ON Sensitive Fall Detection

Fall detection is active 24/7 in order to ensure complete protection of the seniors at all times even in bathrooms or in bed at night. Wrist-based fall detection devices can only detect hard falls, but Ruxum uses its AI Algorithm to detect hard as well as soft and assisted falls.

Allows the User to terminate False Alarms

When Ruxum detects a fall, it buzzes for 20 seconds giving the user ample time to indicate if that was a false alarm by pressing Ruxum’s button. If allowed to proceed, Ruxum will initiate fall alert proceedings.


Fall Detection System Sends Alerts to 4 designated Ruxshaks

After a fall is detected, Ruxum sends emergency fall alerts to 4 designated Ruxshaks who can come and provide necessary medical assistance.

Auto Fall Detection for Senior Citizen



Core Benefits of Ruxum’s Auto Fall Detection

  • When a user falls and is unable to call for help, they are losing valuable time. They may be losing blood, which combined with the trauma of the fall could be lethal. Further, if the fall was caused by a stroke or a cardiac arrest, timely intervention is necessary. So, auto fall detection benefits the user by notifying Ruxshaks even when the user can’t do so

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Case Study

Case Study

Auto Fall Detection is Flawless!!!



I was sleeping and had a fall from my bed and I fell unconscious. Detecting my fall, Ruxum automatically sent emergency alerts



My neighbours and my son were alerted of my hard fall, and they came for my help within 10 minutes and immediately arranged medical supervision

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“My mom has leg disabilities and she struggles with the steps in the washroom every single time. The peace of mind that I now have knowing that my mom is secure at home while I am at work is all thanks to Ruxum. A wonderful name for a very practical usage for elderly people”

A kin of a senior citizen in a Tier-1 city in India

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