You can purchase Ruxum on Amazon or on Ruxum website.

On Amazon, you can avail of bank offers of ₹1,000 discount or EMI offers. You can use your Amazon account to make the purchase.

On Ruxum website, after you review the product, click Buy or Add to Cart, you will be taken to the Checkout page. On the Checkout page, do the following:

  1. Enter your billing information.
  2. If the shipping address is different from the billing address, make that selection and enter shipping information.
  3. Create an account so that you can track your order 
  4. Enter coupon code, if any. We typically offer discounts to seniors who are purchasing the product for themselves.
  5. For INR purchases, select between direct bank transfer or Razorpay. For USD purchases, use Paypal.
  6. On Razorpay, you will get the option to select between credit/debit card, UPI, bank payment, wallet payment etc.

Ruxum does not receive your credit/debit card information. We can’t take any orders over the phone or WhatsApp, so please don’t inquire about that. 

Please be assured that we do not share your contact information with third-parties.

Pairing is a simple process that associates a device with your Ruxum account. On the Devices screen, select Add New Device and press the button on your device while keeping it close to your phone. In less than 5 seconds, the pairing is complete. Remember, pairing is essential for the device to function, so you should not sign out of the app.

For privacy and security, a device can only be linked to one account. However, there might be instances when you want to change the associated account. No worries! You can easily unpair the device by going to the Devices screen, finding your device, and selecting Unpair. Once unpaired, it becomes a fresh device ready to be paired with any account.

In case you lose access to the account linked to your device, don’t panic. Reach out to us through the app. In the side menu, select Support and then, Contact Us.

  • Subject = “Retrieve device”
  • Device = All
  • Message = “Previous account had phone number 1234567890.” where you replace 1234567890 with the previous phone number. 

We’ll do our best to assist you and retrieve the device if your information is correct.

Simply, press the button on Ruxum for 3-4 seconds, until it buzzes back ♥. Ruxum will start broadcasting that you need help.

  1. On the senior’s phone nearby, where you have signed into the Ruxum app with the associated sign-in, will receive the broadcast and send out help requests. After that, the app will play a siren tune on the senior’s phone.
  2. Ruxshaks are notified that you need help. A siren will play on their phones if they have downloaded the app and signed in.
  3. If a Ruxshak responds with “OK, I AM COMING..” through the app, then the app will notify the user.
  4. The app will provide the Ruxshak with the documents they need to admit the user in a hospital. This is usually rarely required, but we are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember any of this because we will. We track all notifications, responses, Ruxshak arrivals and information provided. We will even send you a weekly report with all this information.

♥♥♥ With Ruxum, you are never alone! ♥♥♥

Ruxum app was tested with a number of seniors. Most seniors who are used to using their phones for WhatsApp found it easy to use the Ruxum app. Give it a try, download the app on your phone using your phone’s app store or go to https://www.ruxum.in/download_1/. The app is always free.

Of course! Ruxum was voted in a study as the best app for Reminders among more than 25 apps. To see that for yourself, do the following:

  1. Go to the Reminders screen.
  2. Select your device.
  3. Click Add Reminder.
  4. Specify Medicine Name.
  5. Select number of doses/day. The app will automatically fill reminder times.
  6. Change the reminder times by clicking on the time you want to change.
  7. Select the starting date.
  8. Select the end date. If you are taking a medication that you will be taking regularly forever, you should select an end date 1-5 years from now.
  9. Click Save.

That’s it. You have setup Reminders and have taken one more step towards a healthier and safer life.  

Sorry, no. Ruxum communicates to the world using a smartphone or a tablet. We support Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads running recent OS versions. We will soon have a version that works with your Apple watch or Android smartwatch.

If you have your own smartphone, then you may still be able to use Ruxum. Check the following:

  1. Is the smartphone fairly new?  You can ask someone to check if Android version is 10 or later. Also check if the iOS version is updated and recent.
  2. Do I have someone around me (family, neighbour) who can set up the Ruxum app for me?
  3. Will I keep my phone charged?
  4. Will I be able to charge Ruxum when the app indicates low battery on Ruxum? A charging cable is provided.

If you meet the 4 conditions above, then yes, you can still use Ruxum. 

To try out the Ruxum app, you can download one for free at www.ruxum.in/download_1. 

We offer a 7-day trial of the Ruxum device very selectively. Obviously, we will look for candidates who will benefit the most from the unique value proposition of this product.

Here is the process:

  1. To request a trial, send an email to trial-request@ruxum.co.in with you email address, phone number and why you need a trial. We will check both before entering you into our system.
  2. When your turn comes up, we will take a deposit of Rs 2000.
  3. We will ship a used device, chain and charging cable to you. We will also email you a setup guide. 
  4. After you receive the package, you have 7 days to try out Ruxum.  We will schedule a pickup on the 8th day.
  5. Once we pick up the package of Ruxum device and accessories, we will process a refund of Rs 2000.

If you need the product urgently such as if you have a user that needs support post-surgery, considering purchasing the product. We also have a 7-day return policy. 

The setup guide is included in the ♥Ruxum box♥. You can also download it from the Resources section (coming soon). If you need it urgently, please reach out to us below and we will respond within 24 hours.

If you clicked the button, you will hear a short buzz at the very least. If you pressed the button for 3-4 seconds, then besides the short buzz, Ruxum will buzz and show blinking red and blue lights. Ruxum is broadcasting that you need help. When a connection is made to an app, the lights will stay on continuously indicating that the app is calling for help on the user’s behalf.

There is no problem. Please charge Ruxum using the charging cable provided in the box.

Use the cable provided in the box under the foam.  The cable will attach magnetically to Ruxum. Attach the other end to the USB port on a laptop or a normal phone charger. If you have lost the cable, you can buy a new one from the https://www.ruxum.in website.

One of the chains is already attached to the Ruxum pendant. The other chain is given for you to use if the first chain breaks.

The preferred way to wear Ruxum is as a necklace pendant. Other ways include T-shirt pocket. Very soon, we will also support wearing Ruxum in pant pocket or on the wrist (using a watchband accessory). But be advised that automatic fall detection or respiration rate or posture are all not possible in pant pocket or wrist.

With all functions enabled and with full use, the battery will last 1 week on a full charge. 

When you connect Ruxum to a USB power source using the charging cable provided, the green light will first light up. When the battery is fully charged, the colour will change from green to blue. It usually takes 1 hour to charge the battery from zero charge. It may take more time if the weather is too hot (more than 30°C) or too cold (less than 10°C) or if Ruxum is placed in direct sunlight.

When you need help physically, just press the button on Ruxum for 3-4 seconds and relax! Your request will go as notifications over various channels to your “Ruxshaks”. If you need technical help with the product or app, just go to the Customer Service screen in the app from the side menu.

Buzzing is Ruxum’s way of getting your attention. There are 3 reasons:

  1. It detected you have fallen. If you do nothing, an alarm will go to Ruxshaks. If you click the button, buzzing will stop and alarm will NOT be sent.
  2. You have pressed the panic button.
  3. You used the app to Locate this device. Just click the button on the device and it will stop the buzzing.

Of course, you should! Ruxum is waterproof. Many seniors fall or need help while in the bathroom.

Absolutely! It is compliant with globally accepted emissions standards. The same technology is used by smartwatches and fitness bands.

Ruxum will NOT interfere with your pacemaker because the frequency of operation of Ruxum is 2.4GHz and that of the pacemaker is less than 100Hz.

Thank you for asking. ♥We love you♥. To be a super-user, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have set up all 4 Ruxshaks.
  2. Make sure you have specified your Preferred Hospital.
  3. Make sure you have stored important documents in Photos.
  4. Make sure you have specified an email address to Send Report to.
  5. Set up Reminders for medication and life events.
  6. Under Devices->Settings, check that you have specified the position that you are currently using.
  7. Make sure that when you get a reminder, you are responding to it by clicking the button.
  8. Make sure that your Profile information is all correct.
  9. Make sure you check notifications from Ruxum when they arrive so that you get the latest information.
  10. On the Home screen, check your activity-rest-breathing-posture metrics. See if you can beat them every week.

If you have done all these things, then you are already a ♥ Ruxum super-user ♥.

If anyone makes you a Ruxshak, you will get a WhatsApp message asking you download the Ruxum app. Please download the app for reliable communication between the user and Ruxshak. Then sign in into the app with the same phone number that you use for WhatsApp. That’s it!

The app is always free.

Ruxum’s privacy policy is located here: https://www.ruxum.in/privacy-policy/. While we try our best to adequately cover buyers from all over the world, we may not be able to reflect that in the actual policy statement.

To the best of our efforts, we will not share your information with third parties unless you have allowed and asked us to do so as part of the alerting, emergency support and reporting services.

Ruxum is not a medical device as it does not diagnose or treat a disease. Typical devices that measure HR, SpO2 and BP are defined as medical devices and are required to be registered at the CDSCO.

Do I Qualify for Ruxum?

Do you live alone or are alone in your house for some time in the day?