Reminders and Notifications

For reminding about your Daily Medications and Activities

A senior citizen tends to forget taking his daily medication and sticking to an activity schedule. Ruxum’s reminders help them achieve this with ease.

It is common for seniors to forget taking their medication, on time and this can be dangerous. Also, certain daily activity may have been prescribed and this needs to be adhered to. Ruxum can be set up for Medication and general reminders and life events and through this, it becomes easy for the senior citizen to adhere to their schedule. 


With reminders for medications, life alerts, you are never alone

Key Features of Ruxum’s Reminders


Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Regular medications and time they need to be taken can be configured in Ruxum mobile app and these reminders are played out as vibrations on the Ruxum device.

Activity Reminders

Doctors may have prescribed certain level of activity daily and it is common for senior citizens to forget about it. Ruxum will notify about the activities that need to be performed with vibration alerts. Life events like birthdays, anniversaries can also be configured in the app.

Subtle Vibration Technology

Alerts for different events can be configured differently, so that the senior citizen can immediately understand if it is a medication or an activity alert. The vibrations can also be felt clearly by people with disabilities.

User’s Adherence can be Tracked

Through reports, it is possible for the Ruxshaks to understand if the medication and activity reminders were adhered to. 


Reminders and Notifications for Senior Citizen



Core Benefits of Ruxum’s Reminders

  • Medication reminders can avert a potential emergency situation that can be caused by not taking the medication, on time like blood pressure or blood thinning medication
  • Life event reminders can help nurture relationships among loved ones
  • Activities performed, on time like daily walks can help in improved wellness

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Case Study

Case Study

Ruxum Reminders



I live remotely and it is a challenge to keep reminding mom to take her regular tablets. Her helper is around, but she is not so educated and cannot be relied upon. This is where Ruxum reminders help



What tablets to take when is entered in the Ruxum app and the device buzzes to remind about the time these tablets need to be taken. Mom has been able to follow it well and now adheres to her tablets schedule

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“My mom recently went through a bypass surgery, and she has been prescribed some specific medication 3 times a day. The Ruxum app is helping significantly in ensuring that my mom can follow this medication schedule.”

A family man who is busy with his work commitments

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