Timely Panic Alerts

Alerts that ensure seniors stay safe

Ruxum comes with a panic alert feature. A panic alert can be activated by pressing the button on Ruxum for more than three seconds. The warning is then transmitted to designated Ruxshaks by Ruxum app notifications, WhatsApp* and SMS*.

During set up of Ruxum, the user can set up two contacts as primary Ruxshaks, who stay close to the senior citizen and can immediately react based on an emergency situation. Two additional contacts can also be configured as secondary Ruxshaks and these could be family members who need to be notified in an emergency. Apart from this, a hospital/clinic, where the senior might want to be taken can also be specified. It is also possible to configure an optional Ambulance service. Lastly, in the event of an emergency that requires hospitalization, the Ruxum app has the ability to display photos that were previously stored by the senior that would enable the Ruxshak to admit the senior in a hospital. 

In the event of an emergency, a senior can trigger a panic alert by pressing the button for 3 seconds. Your Ruxshaks are notified by Ruxum app notifications, SMS* and WhatsApp* messages as soon as the alarm is activated. Ruxshaks can respond to the notification and confirm if they can attend to the emergency. If they cannot, then the secondary Ruxshaks can immediately create alternate plans.

*Note that Ruxum app notifications are free and superior to SMS and WhatsApp messages. SMS and WhatsApp incur fees because we pass on the fees we are charged by the vendors.

Panic alert with Ruxum

Panic alert with Ruxum ensures that you are never alone

Key Features for Ruxum’s Panic Alerts



Simple Press for 3 Seconds

The user can simply press the button for 3 seconds in order to generate a panic alert on Ruxum.

Push Notifications, SMS, Whatsapp To Ruxshaks

After generating a panic alert, emergency notifications are immediately sent to designated Ruxshaks in the form of SMS, WhatsApp and App based Push Notification.

False Alarms can be Disposed within 20 Seconds

If Ruxum detects a fall, then panic alerts are automatically generated. I the senior citizen is fine, then he/she can de-activate the panic alert within a 20 seconds window by just pressing the button.


No Sim Card Needed For Alerts

No Cellular connection is needed to send panic alerts as Ruxum connects with your mobile app and all the process is done through your smartphone automatically.

Timely Panic Alerts for Senior Citizen



Core Benefits of Ruxum’s Panic Alerts

  • Safety of Seniors is ensured by panic alerts being sent out to designated Ruxshaks on time
  • Appropriate medical attention can be organized to take care of emergencies
  • As false alarms can be disposed, it improves the value of panic alerts even further
  • Society Package further enhances reachability and reduces response time of Ruxshaks

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Case Study

Case Study

Panic Alert helps save life



I was feeling breathless and was sweating all over, was not sure what was happening. I immediately pressed the panic alert



My neighbours were alerted of my health condition, and they came asking about my health and immediately arranged for medical help

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“My parents are usually alone, and I live in another city. On one of the Tuesdays, my father was feeling very uncomfortable and used the panic alert feature to immediately notify his neighbours. It was good that they could come immediately and arrange for medical help.
Ruxum has been truly a great help and has some amazing features”

An individual working in MNC based in Delhi

Do I Qualify for Ruxum?

Do you live alone or are alone in your house for some time in the day?