Ruxum Emergency Pendant Wearable for Seniors

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Ruxum is the worldโ€™s first emergency wearable for seniors to ensure their safety and well-being even when they are living alone. With unique features like auto fall detection and panic alerts, Ruxum combines comprehensive emergency support with wellness monitoring and medication reminders. With Ruxum, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

Ruxum emergency pendant is supported by Ruxum app on both Android and iOS platforms, Ruxum website, and Ruxum communication channels. Ruxum is not a medical device. For more questions, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Ruxum may be purchased in Rs with a billing address in India through the Razorpay payment gateway with access to all popular wallets in India, Indian credit cards, and UPI. Ruxum may also be purchased in USD through Paypal with a billing address outside India. All prices are inclusive of shipping, taxes, and fees we have to pay for a cross-border transaction. In the end, you pay almost the same total price whether it is in Rs or in USD.

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Ruxum is the world’s first wearable for seniors to ensure their safety and well-being even when they are living alone.

Ruxum supports the user in emergencies and facilitates wellness care for the aging and the disabled. The Ruxum device has a big button and a vibration motor for tactile feedback and LEDs with 3 colours, red, blue and green for visual notifications. It communicates by a robust wireless protocol to the Ruxum app on your smartphone. The Ruxum app is available on the app stores for both Android and iOS. The Ruxum app supports most Android phones and tablets and all iPhones and iPads, the few exceptions being phones and tablets that have not been updated in a while.

Emergency Support

Ruxum’s panic button, when pressed for 3 seconds, triggers notifications to Ruxshaks designated by the user. When a Ruxshak indicates they are coming, Ruxum’s comprehensive emergency support system guides them through the emergency. Ruxum also has always-on fall detection by which a fall may be detected even when the user is incapacitated or unconscious or in deep sleep or coma.


Ruxum app may be used to set up reminders for medications or life events. Setup simply consists of naming the reminder, selecting the dosage per day, the times in the day and the start and end dates. A reminders screen displays all reminders set on any device in the user’s account. A reminder is played out in the app and the device at the chosen time. A user may respond to the reminder by pressing the button to indicate that they heard the reminder and are going to act on it.

Wellness Monitoring

Ruxum’s wellness monitoring is built on the foundation of walkrestbreatheposture. Data is collected hourly or daily depending on the parameter and is presented in the app’s dashboard.


A weekly report is sent out to the designated contact. The report covers insights from wellness monitoring, adherence to reminders and emergency case logs with Ruxshak responses.


The package contains the product and all the accessories you will need to use the product:

  • 1 x Ruxum pendant with silver plated jewellery chain
  • 1 x extra silver plated jewellery chain
  • 1 x charging cable
  • quick setup guide

Service Fees

  • There are no service fees if the Ruxshaks download the Ruxum app and sign into the Ruxum app with the Ruxshak phone numbers.



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