Health Reporting

Weekly Wellness Reports of your Loved Ones

Wellness parameters monitored are presented in the form of insightful reports, which the Ruxshaks can use to derive meaningful information. They can also come to know about undisclosed problems and seek medical intervention.

Ruxum provides reports based on walk-rest-breathe-posture of the senior citizen. It also tracks and reports emergency usage of Ruxum and corrective steps taken by Ruxshaks. Through reports, it is possible for Ruxshaks to detect undisclosed problems of the senior citizen.

health reporting

With loved ones getting health reports frequently, you are never alone

Key Features of Ruxum’s Health Reporting



Identify Undisclosed Problems

Physical activity at unusual hours is tracked and reported. This can help discover undisclosed problems of the seniors like insomnia, mental disturbance etc.

Graphical Display of Activities

Ruxum provides reports in easy to understand graphical formats. The date range can be customized based on the user preferences.

Case-log for Emergency Usage

Every emergency usage triggers initiation of a new case and all activities and remedial actions related to the case are logged and available for future reference.

Always Available Reports

Through the app, reports are always available. Reports are also available about the medication and activity reminders. Ruxshaks can define date range to select the reports that they would like to access.

Health Reporting for Senior Citizen



Core Benefits of Ruxum’s Wellness Monitoring

  • Based on the Tri – Holistic Principles of Walking , Resting and Breathing, Ruxum tries to monitor the overall wellness parameters of seniors
  • In case of drastic changes in key parameters, these can be noticed in the insightful reports that we deliver to the Ruxshaks and are also accessible from the mobile application

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Case Study

Case Study

Detection Of Undisclosed problems



For 2-3 days, I noticed that my father was waking up 5-6 times during the night time. Through the graphical reports, it was easy to notice this strange activity



We discovered that my father had frequent urination problem. On a doctor visit, we were able to identify an enlarged prostrate and appropriate medications could be started, on time

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Wellness monitoring


Weekly reports to your Loved Ones

Timely panic alerts

Timely Panic

Alerts that ensure seniors stay safe

Auto fall detection

Auto Fall

Designed to detect soft as well as hard falls, as they happen

Comprehensive emergency support

Comprehensive Emergency Support

To Guide You Through the Emergencies


“I was on an overseas trip when my father initiated a panic alert. I was not able to respond, but through the case-log, I was able to understand how he was taken care of to circumvent the emergency. I truly agree with Ruxum’s tagline – you are never alone.”

A Navy officer whose father lives alone in his absence

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