Ruxum Crash Detector

Ruxum Crash Detector is the product to install in your vehicle to automatically detect a crash and send alerts to designated people.

Ruxum Crash Detector is the only product we know of that you can install in your vehicle to automatically detect a crash and send alerts to designated people. It is suitable for anyone, anywhere, whether you drive a car or a two-wheeler.

How to use the Ruxum Crash Detector

Ruxum Crash Detector has sensors inside it that detect a hard impact that is typical of a crash. works with any phone that has the Ruxum app to inform it that an emergency has occurred.


  1. Just download the Ruxum app, sign in and give it the standard permissions.
  2. Pair the Ruxum Crash Detector with your app.
  3. Set up Ruxshaks i.e. people that will be notified when you have a crash. Ask Ruxshaks to download Ruxum and sign in.
  4. Remove the sticker on the back side and apply it to a flat surface on the vehicle.

After you download the Ruxum app and sign in, you can let the app go into the background. In the background, the Ruxum service will monitor for any transmissions from the Ruxum Crash Detector. The overhead from the app is almost zero. Do not kill the app and service; without it, the service will not work.

To test Ruxum Crash Detector, press the button on the device for 3 seconds. If your Ruxshaks have downloaded the Ruxum app and signed in, then they will be notified as follows:

  • Ruxshaks will hear a siren on their phone
  • On their phones, Ruxshaks will see a notification stating that you need help and your GPS location.


What more do I need to know

Ruxum Crash Detector has a few things you should note:

  • Ruxum Crash Detector will not be triggered with soft impacts. Yes, your two-wheeler may have tapped uncle’s car but since the impact was not hard, we will assume you are OK and not trigger an alarm. Of course, you are welcome to press the button for 3 seconds and trigger the alarm yourself.
  • Ruxum Crash Detector works with a phone running the Ruxum app. We prefer it to be your phone but it could be anyone else’s phone too.


Ruxum Crash Detector will be sold at an upfront price stated below. It is a promotional price and that is all you will pay. In actuality, maintaining the service costs us money that we have to pay to cloud providers, telecom service providers etc. but we don’t charge you for it.



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