Fall Detection and why is it important

Fall Detection and why is it important

One of the major causes of loss of mobility, loss of independence, and injury-related death among senior citizens is falling. One-third of adults globally over the age of 65 are estimated to fall at least once a year, some when they are alone or in places where there is no one to call out to.

Falls are also a known reason for deaths or post-traumatic complications in the elderly. If a senior has had a fall once, they could face anxiety and stress over falling and getting hurt again in the future, impacting their confidence in daily life.

Therefore, there must be early detection of falls to ease life for the concerned person. Many seniors may live alone and they must have ways to detect and report falls.

Why smartwatches could be inaccurate in detecting falls

Some smartwatches claim to have fall detection but may not be able to detect a fall as the device is swinging all the time along with the hands. Since the smartwatch is worn on the wrist, the device generally detects a wrist fall. If a real fall does not involve the hand or wrist bearing the smartwatch, then the fall may be missed by the device. On the other hand, the mere act of slamming the hand with the smartwatch on a tabletop could trigger a false detection of a fall.

We know that seniors when they fall, can have both soft (assisted) falls and hard falls. Smartwatches are only good at detecting some hard falls and are therefore inadequate.

The necessity to automatically track falls

It has been observed that falls or even the fear of falling can have a massive impact on the quality of life of the elderly. If it is possible to detect falls accurately, this can help seniors live their life without fear.

For this reason, automatic fall detection that is in-built into Ruxum is a very useful function. Always-on Fall Detection or Auto Fall Detection is important to send panic alerts to caregivers or emergency responders (At Ruxum, we call them Ruxshaks). This ensures that help arrives on time, so that damage may be minimized.

Ability to cancel out false alarms

Any system with automatic detection comes with some false alarms. A detected fall may be a minor fall or the fall may be such that the user has receivered and does not need assistance. An effective device should allow the user to terminate such alarms. If the senior citizen is feeling fine and does not require support, the device should let them cancel the fall detection alert with the easy click of a button. This way the Ruxshaks know that everything is fine and there is no need for any emergency support.

What makes Ruxum’s Auto Fall Detection different?

When a user falls and is unable to call for help in any way, they could be losing time. Blood loss combined with the trauma of the fall can only make the situation worse. Ruxum avoids the escalation of the problem by getting help to the user quickly because fall detection in Ruxum is running all the time. With the help of an AI-trained algorithm, Ruxum looks for hard and soft or assisted falls.

In contrast to a typical smartwatch that may not detect a fall since it is moving constantly, Ruxum is worn around the torso. This helps it easily detect falls. The Fall Detection system sends alerts to designated Ruxshaks (caregivers) who can reach and provide immediate necessary medical assistance.

Ruxum duly detects true falls and starts buzzing to indicate to the user that an emergency notification will go out in 20 seconds. During this time, if the user has regained their feet and doesn’t need any help, they can click the button and turn off the local alarm.  This avoids unnecessary intervention from a Ruxshak. If the emergency is real, the user has to do nothing; emergency notifications will go out in 20 seconds.

The real-time detection and quick response cycle set by automatic fall detection within Ruxum have helped the aged and the disabled seek help when they could not reach their phone or call out for help. Could this be life-saving for someone you know? Considering the rising number of seniors suffering from falls each day, fall detection is an absolute necessity.

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